September 12, 2005

Kapolei - Enrollment Not Required

Several Home School Legal Defense Association member families were contacted this fall by Kapolei Middle School after they submitted their letter of intent. Apparently various school counselors and other school staff believed that homeschool families were required to enroll their children in the school in order to teach them at home. Some families were asked to visit the school to fill out a form and others were sent a "Student Enrollment Form" to return to the school.

Since more than one school official misunderstood state law and each would contact a different member, HSLDA attorney Thomas Schmidt eventually spoke to three different officials and wrote a letter to the principal of Kapolei Middle School. As soon as a concerned parent would contact HSLDA, Schmidt would immediately try to reach that public school official who was distributing incorrect information.

Under Hawaii Administrative Rules 8-12-13 a parent is only required to submit a notice of their intent to teach their child at home to the principal of the local public school. This notice of intent can be submitted in a letter or on Hawaii form 4140. HSLDA also has a form available for use by our members. This form ensures that the parent is submitting all that is required and nothing more. Filling out a student enrollment form is not required.

After thoroughly educating the various public school officials, HSLDA is confident that Kapolei Middle School will only require what Hawaii law permits them to request. Should you have any difficulties with your local school please contact us for assistance.