October 6, 2008

Nursing Program Reverses Decision to Reject Homeschool Diplomas

One of our member families’ high school graduates decided to enroll in the High Tech North school nursing program. During the enrollment process, however, she was told that she was being denied admission simply because she was a homeschool graduate! She contacted HSLDA right away to ask for help.

Senior Counsel Chris Klicka sent the school a letter explaining that, based on the school’s own policy posted on its website, the only requirement for admittance was a high school diploma or a GED. Nowhere did the policy state that the diploma must be accredited. The letter also explained that the student had obtained a full four-year high school diploma and that although she was homeschooled, she must still be recognized as a high school graduate, and therefore was fully eligible for admission.

Klicka further outlined the homeschool community’s excellent track record in post-secondary education and gave numerous statistics showing that homeschoolers do better in college than their public school counterparts. He asked school officials to accept the homeschool student and to make their policy more clear in order to open the door for future homeschool students.

After receiving the faxed letter, school officials contacted their lawyer, who told them they must accept the homeschool student. The school also informed the family that a new policy would be written very soon!