June 11, 2007

Family Threatened With Being Turned Over to State’s Attorney

The Dollins family in Saint Cloud sent the county their notice of intent to enroll their son in a homeschool program, pursuant to Florida homeschool law. In doing so, they effectively withdrew their son from the public school he was enrolled in. Just to be cautious, the Dollins family sent the notice via certified mail.

Not long after the notice was sent, the Dollins family received a letter from the superintendent acknowledging the Dollins’ homeschool program.

Nevertheless, the Dollins family received numerous phone calls and visits from the superintendent. During the last visit, a notice was left stating that if the school did not hear anything from the family by a certain date, the family would be turned over to the state’s attorney’s office!

The Dollins family called Home School Legal Defense Association for help.

HSLDA Attorney Chris Klicka sent a letter in which he told the superintendent that her actions were inappropriate and unnecessary. He assured the superintendent that the Dollins family was legally homeschooling under Florida law, and since the Dollins family had already submitted their notice, they were not required to do anything else until their evaluation was due the following year. Klicka demanded in the letter that the calls and visits to the family be stopped.

Sure enough, the family has not seen hair nor hide of any school official since.