May 5, 2004
Burdensome Portfolio Review Canceled

For the past four and a half years, the Santangelo family has lived in Roatan Island, Honduras, working as missionaries. They home educated their children during this time. In early 2004, the Santangelo family returned to the United States and moved to Cape Coral. The family submitted a notification of the family's intent to homeschool as required by law.

Shortly thereafter, the family received a letter from the Lee County Public Schools Home School evaluator, requesting to see the family's portfolio, citing a policy of requiring portfolio reviews for all homeschools that begin mid-year.

This was an unnecessary burden on the Santangelo family since they had just moved back into the country. They contacted HSLDA for assistance.

HSLDA contacted the homeschool evaluator and explained that the family would be willing to cooperate, but that the portfolio review was a heavy burden on their homeschool. Moving from any location is very difficult and moving from out of the country much more so. The Santangelo family was still in transition and homeschooling at the same time. Additionally, homeschoolers in Honduras are not required to maintain portfolios, as in Florida, so the family would only have just over a month's worth of school work in their portfolio.

For these reasons, HSLDA requested that the portfolio review be cancelled.

Lee County Public Schools agreed and did not require a portfolio review, allowing the Santangelo family to focus their energy and attention on homeschooling.