December 3, 2003
Homeschool Program "Terminated" By School District

The Cuddington family was distressed to receive a notice in the mail from Duval County Public Schools saying: "[Y]ou have not met the requirements for properly maintaining a Home Education Program. Therefore, your program has been terminated. Upon termination of a home education program, the parent shall select another attendance option for their child."

Duval County Public Schools had designated July 1 as the deadline for submitting evaluations. Florida homeschoolers are required to submit an annual evaluation for each child. This evaluation is due on the anniversary of the family's start date. The Cuddington family had moved to Florida from out of state and had registered their program in January; thus their evaluations were not technically due for several months.

The district had given the family 10 days to enroll their child in public school. HSLDA attorney Chris Klicka wrote to the Director of Student Services and explained that while the family is required to submit an evaluation, nothing in the law gives the school district the authority to set a deadline for the family. Attorney Klicka assured the Director that the Cuddington family was in compliance with the law and would submit their evaluation in January.

He also requested an immediate response from the school in light of their demand to place the child in school in 10 days.

Several days later, the HSLDA legal department received a call from the Director of Student Services, assuring us that the family's program would not be terminated, and that they were free to submit their evaluation in January.