April 10, 2008

Homeschoolers Overcome Difficulties to Participate in Rodeo

Due to a recent change in policy by the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA), homeschoolers were worried that they would be turned down for participation. When one of our Home School Legal Defense Association members heard of the new policy, they turned to us for help.

HSLDA Attorney and Senior Counsel Chris Klicka called the executive director of the NHRSA and discussed with him our concern that homeschoolers would not be allowed to participate in the rodeo. The previous policy simply required that homeschoolers submit a report card with at least four passing grades and a validation stamp from the homeschool they were a part of. The new policy requires that homeschoolers send in test results from any state board or national board of education achievement test. The test results must be within the average, or higher than average range, in order for the student to be eligible for participation.

After discussing this seemingly daunting situation, Klicka determined that any nationally recognized standardized achievement test (i.e. Iowa Test of Basic Skills, the Stanford Achievement Test, or the California Achievement Test, etc.) would qualify under this new policy. Klicka also informed the director that the average scores of these tests, according to the national testing curve, begins with the 23rd percentile. The director agreed that any scores from any nationally recognized standardized achievement test that were in the 23rd percentile or higher would be adequate.