April 24, 2007

Colorado: Homeschoolers Benefit From Averted Snowstorm

On April 13, 2007 Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) sponsored a Homeschool Day at the Capitol to promote homeschool freedoms in Denver. The Home School Legal Defense Association’s Christopher J. Klicka was the main speaker for the rally. CHEC hoped that at least 1,000 people would turn out at the Capitol steps to remind the legislators, once again, that homeschoolers are watching.

As the rally day drew near, the weather turned cold. The entire week before the event, Denver was preparing for a big storm which ultimately resulted in 12-18 inches of snow. It was supposed to hit Friday, April 13—the day of the rally. Many businesses and schools prepared to shut down.

Undaunted, the homeschoolers prayed that God would avert the snowstorm so that it would not hit the Capitol on Friday.

Believe it or not, dawn on Friday saw heavy clouds, but no snow! National news accounts expressed amazement at how the snowstorm that was heading directly to Denver suddenly bypassed it. Not a single snowflake accumulated on the ground on Friday, April 13. God was gracious.

Although the temperature was only in the 30s, over 1,500 Coloradans assembled in front of the Capitol. Many senators and representatives, as well as Secretary of State Mike Coffman, greeted the crowd and met with CHEC board members and Klicka. While talking with the legislators, Klicka found several senators who agreed to introduce a Religious Freedom Act in Colorado next year.

Klicka then addressed the homeschoolers who had gathered for the rally and reminded them why they were there: to protect parental freedom. He urged them to remain eternally vigilant and to fight the good fight, even though the political environment of Colorado has shifted against the values they hold dear. He reminded them of H.R. 6 in 1994, when the Democratic majority in Congress and President Clinton tried to pass a law which would have required all teachers, including homeschool teachers, to be certified and licensed. This bill was defeated when homeschoolers made over 1.5 million phone calls over an eight-day period to Congress. These calls convinced Congress to strip H.R. 6 of the offending amendment.

The Colorado Rally at the Capitol, which seemed as if it would be canceled, was one of the largest rallies held in front of a state capitol. We are thankful for God’s gracious provision and the tremendous organization of all the details of the event by CHEC.