August 7, 2003

Illegal Request for Information by Colorado School District

At the beginning of July a number of Home School Legal Defense Association member families residing in the Cheraw Consolidated School District received a letter from their school system asking for information not required by Colorado law. The letter indicated that the Colorado Department of Education is requiring school districts to report new information regarding homeschool students.

HSLDA Attorney Chris Klicka quickly sent a response to the school district on behalf of our member families. In his letter Mr. Klicka stated that Col. Rev. Stat. 22-33-104.5 only requires a nonpublic home based educational program to give notice 14 days before starting homeschooling, and to include on the notice the names, ages, residence, and hours of attendance that the children are taught. There is no requirement to use a local school district's forms. The Cheraw Consolidated School District, however, went beyond these requirements by demanding social security numbers, place of birth, gender, home phone, grade, race, date and place of birth of parents, parents' employer and employer's address, and work phone.

One of the HSLDA member families in the area received repeated requests for this unnecessary information after they declined to provide it. In his letter, Mr. Klicka informed the school district that their harassment of homeschool families who had already complied with the law was illegal, and that they should immediately discontinue the practice. HSLDA member families who receive similar unnecessary requests should contact HSLDA for assistance.