May 11, 2004
Victory for California Homeschoolers

This Legislative NEWSFLASH, from Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of Family Protection Ministries (FPM), is being issued in California jointly by FPM and HSLDA.

We are pleased to announce that because of the behind-the-scenes hard work, detailed research, diplomacy, networking, and strategizing by Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of Family Protection Ministries, a major legislative victory has occurred for all private homeschoolers in California. HSLDA assisted FPM by providing legal counsel. We give God all of the glory for this victory!

AB 2855, sponsored by Assemblyman Laird, would have allowed public school officials to choose not to implement several laws, which they are currently required to follow. HSLDA has used two of these laws for the past twenty years to deter or slow the process of taking an allegedly truant homeschooler before a School Attendance Review Board, a District Attorney, or a court. One of these two laws (Education Code § 48260.5) requires public school officials to notify the parents when their child is alleged to be truant. The second law (Education Code § 48262) requires public school officials to attempt to hold a conference with parents whose child is alleged to be habitually truant.

FPM's hard work resulted in keeping these two laws as requirements rather than changing them to merely optional. If these laws had been made optional, homeschoolers alleged to be habitually truant could be referred to a SARB, the District Attorney, or end up in court without the opportunity to resolve the issue relatively quickly and easily with the capable help of HSLDA.

As has been the case with many pieces of legislation in the past, FPM was able to spot this bill, work out a strategy with HSLDA's counsel, and then work diligently behind the scenes to get this victory. Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of FPM are the only ones working full time with the Legislature in Sacramento to protect the rights of every private homeschooler in California.

We want to thank Roy Hanson and Jim Davis and the several other groups who helped to bring about this very important victory.

No further action is necessary on AB 2855 at this time.