January 23, 2004
Major Legislative Victory in California

Roy Hanson and Jim Davis, of Family Protection Ministries, with whom we assist on legislative issues in California, has informed us of a major legislative victory in California. AB 56, which would have compelled 5 year olds to attend school and set the stage for universal pre-school, has been substantially revised and amended by the author. Because of your calls and letters and the diligent work of Family Protection Ministries, this very dangerous bill in the California legislature is effectively dead.

On January 22, 2004, the bill was amended so that it is limited to proposing that the Legislature intends to develop a strategy to ensure that children have access to pre-school programs. All language regarding mandatory attendance at 5 years of age has been removed.

The good news is no further action is necessary on AB 56 at this time. Family Protection Ministries will continue to monitor AB 56 and inform us should there be future amendments that may adversely affect parents and families in California. Our thanks and congratulations to those of you that wrote letters and Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of Family Protection Ministries for their diligence and expertise in directing the opposition to AB 56.

Our future protection from bad legislation which would restrict our freedom to teach our children at home and direct the upbringing of our children is dependent upon our continued support of Family Protection Ministries.