February 28, 2005

Phoenix Family receives A Visit From Child Protective Services

A Home School Legal Defense Association member family in the Phoenix area was recently contacted by a social worker who insisted that she talk with their children and conduct a home visit. Uncertain about how to protect the privacy of their home, the family turned to HSLDA for assistance.

The social worker had informed the family that she had received a report that their home was not completely finished inside. The social worker insisted that she be allowed to question all of their children and walk through the house to ensure that it was suitable for them to live in. While some minor finish work on their new house still needed to be done, the county building inspector had issued an occupancy permit for the home.

HSLDA attorney Tj Schmidt contacted the investigating social worker and advised her of the family's rights. Schmidt also told the social worker that the agency more qualified to determine whether or not a house was suitable to be lived in had already given their approval. He stated that due to the nature of the allegations the family declined to allow their children to be interrogated or their home to be inspected.

While the investigation is ongoing we expect the allegations of abuse and neglect against our member family to be resolved in their favor. HSLDA is committed to protecting our member family's rights from being violated.