May 17, 2007

Air Force Looking for Homeschool Graduates

Homeschool Legal Defense Association was recently contacted by Capt. James D. Couch, a Flight Commander in the 349th United States Air Force Recruiting Squadron. The 349th Squadron encompasses most of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas.

While evaluating approximately 25 to 35 homeschooled students in the Air Force, Capt. Couch noticed that these students, as a trend, scored higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) then most other applicants. This impressed Capt. Couch.

At the same time Capt. Couch was concerned that the Air Force was missing out on a large population of high quality applicants. Recruiters are able to schedule visits to a public school or attend college and career fairs. While there is a definite trend in higher performance among homeschooled students, recruiters have fewer ways of reaching out to these students and relating the opportunities available to them for their possible service in the Air Force.

Faced with this dilemma Capt. Couch contacted HSLDA for help. Capt. Couch is not a recruiter; however, he would be happy to direct any homeschool student to a qualified United States Air Force recruiter under his command. If interested you can contact him at both and

If you are a homeschool student in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas or Kansas and have a desire to serve your nation through military service, we would like to encourage you to contact Capt. Couch and find out more about how service in the Air Force could benefit both you and the United States.

Capt. Couch assures us that Air Force recruiters will not badger interested individuals, but rather act as liaisons between needs and desires of perspective applicants and the needs of the United States Air Force. To see a copy of the letter Captain Couch sent to HSLDA please click here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).