September 23, 2004

Unexpected Visit in San Antonio

In San Antonio, a member family was visited by the Texas Department of Family Protective Services. The family telephoned HSLDA for help when they discovered that a knock at the door was a social worker paying them an unexpected visit. Attorney Chris Klicka told the family to hand the telephone receiver over so he could talk directly to the social worker.

The social worker told Klicka that an anonymous tipster had expressed concerns about the family's homeschool program and indicated that the family was "locking their kids in a cage," and had a "mean dog."

These allegations were completely bogus, since the family had a St. Bernard that was quite friendly and they do not lock their children in any cages. Klicka explained why the allegations were false and promised he would send a letter explaining the legality of the family's homeschool program.

Klicka advised the family to provide the social worker with references of individuals who know them well and who could vouch for their care and concern of their children as well as dispel the belief of the other direct accusations concerning locking their children in cages and their mean dog.

After the conversation, Klicka wrote a letter to the social worker explaining the legalities of the family's homeschool program, and promised the family would send references.

We expect the matter to be resolved quickly as the allegations were completely false.

In spite of the proven false allegations, the social worker still insisted that she had to enter the home and interview all the children—but HSLDA refused providing alternative evidence of the family's innocence instead.