April 2, 2002

Rhode Island District Reverses Decision

After months of conflict between Rhode Island's East Providence School District and four member families, the school board finally voted to accept the families' notices of intent.

In October 2001, the school board had denied the families' right to home school due to an "incomplete application process." The four families immediately notified HSLDA of the committee's action and Attorney Scott Woodruff fired off several letters asking for the specific reasons why our members' home schooling programs had been rejected.

The district replied, again citing "an incomplete application process" as the basis of their denial. The district's letter did not specify in what respects the committee deemed the notices of intent to be incomplete. Indeed, it would have been difficult for the committee to do so since the notices fully complied with the Rhode Island statute.

Pursuant to state due process procedures, Home School Legal Defense Association appealed the school board's decision to the Rhode Island commissioner of education for an administrative hearing. In a surprise move on March 12, 2002, the board rectified their mistake of demanding more than the law required by voting to accept the notices of intent "as is."

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