June 14, 2004
Obstacles Overcome in College Admissions

When the Gyros family [not their real name] tried to get their two sons into the New England Institute of Art, they ran into some surprising obstacles. After being informed by school admissions officers that the two boys were "perfect fits" for the school's program, they were also told that they would be required to obtain a GED before they would be admitted.

The Gyros family tried to work with the school by showing them the homeschool transcript and other documentation to validate the education that the children had received, but the school was inflexible. The family called HSLDA for advice.

Attorney Scott Somerville wrote a letter on behalf of the Gyros family (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), explaining to the Institute that the Gyros family had obtained "advance approval" by the school district for all of the years that they had homeschooled their children. The record that the family compiled was the official record of the homeschool program.

Good news was quick in coming after this letter was sent. The school switched its position 180 degrees, allowed the Gyros boys to be admitted and obtain financial aid, and also recognized the homeschool transcript as the "official record" of their education. Thanks to this family, who was unwilling to back down in the face of adversity, the quick work of HSLDA staff, and the flexibility of college officials, this problem was brought to a quick and beneficial solution.

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Letter on behalf of the Gyros family   (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)