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 Headlines (2011 Archive)

Government Willing to Use “Force” on Homeschool Kids
November 16, 2011: WorldNetDaily.com reports that threats are coming as options dwindle in the fight over education.

Homeschool Leader Interviews
November 16, 2011: Hear about the current homeschool situations in a number of European countries, recorded at a recent European conference.

Authorities to Parents: Take Your Kids to School or Else We Will!
November 8, 2011: Having endured jail sentences and heavy fines for homeschooling, the Dudek family now faces the threat of having their children taken to school by force.

Government Persecution Does Target Homeschoolers
October 15, 2011: A law journal says a family’s asylum request is legitimate.

The Romeike Family: Still Waiting on Asylum Appeal
October 3, 2011: A new law review article helps the Romeike family’s case for political asylum in the United States.

Out-of-School Education
September 27, 2011: This special issue of the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE), a journal of interest to homeschool advocates, focuses primarily on home education.

Global Human Rights Conference Includes Homeschooling
August 29, 2011: For the first time in its 50-year history, the World Congress on the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy included homeschooling its agenda. Representatives from HSLDA and Patrick Henry College were there.

German Authorities Threaten Homeschool Family
April 19, 2011: A German judge recognized that homeschooling provides quality education, but still denied a family permission to teach their children at home.

German Prosecutor Seeks to Make Example of Homeschooling Family
February 11, 2011: Back in court again, the Dudek family underwent a grueling retrial this past week for the “criminal offense” of teaching their children at home.

Homeschooling Family Back in Court for Resentencing
January 11, 2011: The Dudek family of Hessen, Germany, faces another court date this Thursday for the “criminal offense” of teaching their children at home.