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 Headlines (2007 Archive)

Sample Letter To German Ambassador on Behalf of Robinsons

Germany: Officials Want to Sell Family's Possessions to Pay Homeschooling Fine
Your faxes, letters and emails are needed to help a German family facing a $6,300 fine for homeschooling.

German Prosecutor Wants Homeschooling Parents in Jail
In the German state of Hesse, one homeschooling family is determined to resist government oppression of home education. For their brave stand, the family risks losing custody of their children and going to jail.

Homeschooling: Pluralistic Freedom, Not Parallel Society
In remarks to German home educators, HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly presents suggestions for the long—term battle for homeschool freedom in that country.

German Authorities Threaten to Deport Homeschooling Missionaries
Not content to harass citizens who homeschool, German authorities recently tried to deny residency to American missionaries just because they are home educators.

World Magazine: Homeschooler Defies Germany's Strict School Laws
Melissa Busekros is finally home, but it took almost three months for the 16—year—old German to return. Along the way, she went halfway around the world, through a psychiatric ward, a children’s home, and foster care—all because her parents homeschool her.

New Strategy for Securing Homeschool Freedom in Germany
German homeschool leaders agree that a court—based solution to the problem of homeschooling is hopeless and that a political solution is needed. For these and other reasons, a multi—prong strategy is required to effectively support German homeschoolers in creating conditions that will pave the way for legalizing homeschooling in Germany.

WorldNetDaily.com Court Gives Melissa Back to Family
A German appeals court has ordered legal custody of Melissa Busekros, the teenager who was taken from her home by a police squad and detained in a psychiatric hospital for being homeschooled, be returned to her family because she no longer is in danger.

German Appeals Court Returns Custody of Homeschooled Girl to Parents
A German appeals court in Bavaria set aside a lower court ruling that had authorized the Youth Welfare Office in Erlangen Germany to retain custody of 16—year—old homeschooler Melissa Busekros.

Education: Choice—Not Coercion
Exploring ways to open up the German educational system for alternative approaches to education was the mission of the Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit conference held in Rothenfels near Würzburg, Germany.

German Homeschooled Teen Reunited with Family
A homeschooled girl who was taken from her family returned home on her own this week when she turned 16. German authorities had removed the girl to enforce laws against homeschooling.

WorldNetDaily.com: Youth Worker Says German Homeschool Student Never Asked to Go Home
A youth services social worker apparently has lied to a German television station about a 15—year—old homeschool student ordered into a psychiatric ward because of her "school phobia," and another employee of the same state division shut down a scheduled 1—hour weekly visit with her family when her father showed her the statement.

Washington Times Op—ed—The Battle Against Fascist Conformity
It is hard to believe that within the civilized world in the 21st century we would still need to talk about actions used by the Nazi party in Germany to enforce civic conformity to the Nazi ideal. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is taking place in Germany today, and homeschoolers are the targets.

WorldNetDaily.com: 5 ‘Well—educated’ Kids Put in State Custody
Five "well—educated" children have been ordered into state custody by a court that applied to a second family a ruling taking a 15—year—old homeschooler from her family and sending her to a psychiatric ward.

CBNNews.com: Court Takes Custody of 5 Homeschoolers
A court in eastern Germany has taken custody of five children away from their homeschooling parents, but has not yet removed the children from the home. The parents, Bert and Kathrin Brause of Zittau, lost custody of their children, Rosine, Jotham, Kurt—Simon, Lovis and Ernst, to the local youth welfare office.

WorldNetDaily.com: Psych Tests Ordered For Homeschooling Parents
A German appeals court has not only affirmed a lower court's decision that ripped a 15—year—old homeschooler from her family and subjected her to a forced stay in a psychiatric hospital because she is homeschooled, but also ordered her parents to be given psychiatric evaluations, an international rights organization says.

Homeschoolers Need Your Help in Germany and Other Countries
In this Christmas season we have an opportunity to help support homeschoolers who are struggling in other countries. We can make a difference for the "least of these," our brothers and sisters who are faced with legal challenges and lack of finances.

WorldNetDaily.com: German Homeschool Advocate Says Nazis Have Returned
For parents who wish to teach their own children in the Judeo—Christian tradition, Germany today is not much better than it was under Nazi party control in the 1930s and 1940s, according to a man who lives there and is pleading for international help for his country.