January 25, 2008

Help Germans Ask Their Chancellor: ‘Why isn’t Homeschooling Allowed?’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a website where it is possible to ask questions of her directly. It has been reported by Germans that those questions that receive the most number of “plus” signs will receive an answer. German homeschoolers are asking homeschoolers from all over the world to vote in favor of this question. Click here and then click on the plus sign to register your vote to have Chancellor Angela Merckel answer the question “Why is homeschooling not allowed in Germany?”

Germany is a federal republic in which states are responsible for education. In all of Germany, states treat homeschooling as illegal, and parents are fined thousands of dollars, put in jail or have child custody taken away by the government. Incredibly, federal courts have chosen to interpret the federal constitution against parents and have ruled that it is an “abuse of parental rights” to homeschool. The only solution will be if German states change their laws. In order for this to happen, public officials, including Angela Merckel, will have to realize that German public policy regarding homeschooling is out of step with the rest of free democratic societies that embrace pluarlism in education and recognize that parents have the right to homeschool their children.

Thank you for helping homeschoolers in Germany seeking freedom to educate their children at home. Your vote counts!

Editor’s Note: Some days after our request above, the administrators of the website put up a registration page designed to filter out non-German speakers and to prevent them from voting. Although this had its effect, our objective to highlight the importance of this question has succeeded since it is the No. 1 rated question on the site. Thank you!