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4/4/2006 3:02:19 PM
Heart to Heart: Keeping Your Focus

One of the difficult things to do as a homeschool mom is to keep your focus on eternity.  With so many daily details to keep track of (Suzie’s Algebra lesson, Billy’s vocabulary list, and the upcoming college visit among others!), it’s a common temptation to forget the main reason why you are homeschooling.  When you pare down your daily “to do” list to just two items – your own daily obedience to the Lord’s leading and then training your children to love the Lord with all their hearts – it’s amazing how many of the other details fall into place.  Keep an “in light of eternity” neon sign in front of you, giving each homeschool day to the Lord and walking in peace and joy as you trust Him to lead and guide you.  In light of eternity…your time and efforts will bear fruit.