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3/10/2006 1:56:38 PM
Follow Up on Math Ideas

Thanks to you all who submitted additional comments and suggestions on our math tips. Many of you suggested using a math curriculum which provides teaching videos or dvds. We do list some of these curriculum programs on our website at Yes, this is a very viable option. Another suggestion was to use the community college (which we also recommend) for the more advanced math levels. College algebra and precalculus/trig are often offered there. However, remember, these are remedial college courses and will not be accepted as college credit by a four year college. They may, however, be included on your student’s high school transcript as high school math credit.


If you are using Saxon Math and your student has completed all three textbooks in the series (Algebra I, II, and Advanced Math), these will be counted as 4 high school credits and can be shown on your high school transcript as Algebra I, II, Geometry, Precal/Trig (see above link to site for more information).You may request from Saxon publishers a letter explaining the inclusion of Geometry in the texts by calling 800-416-8171.