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1/10/2008 10:20:30 AM
Get an Ivy League Education Free

In an earlier blog entry we told you about the free online college courses MIT makes available to the public. MIT has now begun offering how-to courses (how to build stereo speakers and guitars) aimed at high school students. In addition, they provide help for students taking AP science and math courses.


In addition, Yale offers video-taped versions of seven of its most popular courses with plans to add more in the future.


The Open Coursework Consortium is a clearinghouse for free courses from University of Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, and even overseas schools. Then there are courses offered for free to download through iTunes University from Berkeley, Duke, Stanford, and others.


Students don’t receive college credit for these courses, but they provide the opportunity for your high school children to take advanced, challenging, and interesting courses while laying a foundation of knowledge for future college work. And parents…if you always wanted to take that course in Philosophy but just didn’t have the time, here’s your chance!