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6/2/2007 8:36:44 AM
Sources for Math Tutors

 If you and your children are struggling through high school math and need help, here are some sources to check out for possible math tutors:

  •  Most community colleges have math tutoring centers which are free for their students but the tutors may also be hired by people off-campus
  • High schools often keep lists of tutors which you can access by visiting their main offices
  •  Homeschool moms who wish to swap their expertise – they’ll tutor your child in math, if you tutor theirs in another subject
  •  Recent homeschool graduates who are talented in math
  • Retirees – a good source will be your church or community center
  •  Stay-at-home moms who were former teachers or professionals in a math-related field and who would like some extra income.