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Archive: March 2010
3/12/2010 12:16:17 PM
Byrd Scholarship Opened to Homeschoolers

The federal government has now opened the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program for homeschoolers to participate. Please check the updated information about this merit-based scholarship on the HSLDA website. If you encounter difficulties from your state when making application for the scholarship and you are a member of HSLDA, please contact our Federal Relations Department for help.

3/10/2010 9:21:17 AM
College Homeschool Admission Policies

Most colleges have much experience in reviewing applications from homeschoolers and many schools have developed homeschool admission policies.  You can be best prepared for filling out college applications by taking a minute now to review online the homschool policies of schools to which your teen may apply.  As examples, here are a few colleges and their requirements for homeschooled applicants:

University of Maryland 

Bucknell University

Savannah College of Art & Design

University of Virginia

Wheaton College

 University of Southern California (USC)


3/8/2010 9:18:38 AM
National Endowment for Financial Education

Free high school financial management information is available from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). Check out the sample lesson plans covering areas such as budgeting, investing, insurance, and more.

3/1/2010 11:32:43 AM
National Financial Capability Challenge

The US Department of Education is again sponsoring the National Financial Capability Challenge to foster financial knowledge and to teach financial basics. You must register to receive a free educator’s toolkit (hurry – the deadline is March 14, 2010) containing lesson plans to prepare your teens (ages 13 – 19) for an online exam.  The Challenge online exam will be offered from March 15 - April 9, 2010 and takes less than 30 minutes. Parents decide which day to administer the exam. All students scoring in the top 20%, will receive National Financial Capability Challenge Award Certificates.

3/1/2010 11:10:14 AM
HSLDA High School Symposium

HSLDA’s third annual High School Symposium will be held on Friday, April 9, 2010, in Purcellville, VA.  We have a full day of seminars lined up to provide support and practical help to parents who are teaching high school at home.  Running concurrently with the seminar will be Generation Joshua’s iAdvocate program for teens.  Registration is now open and will continue through March 27th or until capacity is reached.

3/1/2010 11:05:26 AM
Current Events

Keeping your teen abreast of current events may be quite a task in the midst of busy homeschool days. You may want to consider subscribing to World magazine and take time each week to discuss current happenings with your teen. Or, check out Student News Daily which provides current event news, activities, and even a free quiz each week!


3/1/2010 9:32:37 AM
Applying to a Service Academy

Admission to the military academies is extremely selective – but not impossible for homeschoolers!  If your teen has a desire to apply to one of the service academies, it’s important to know what is expected in an applicant and what information should be provided.  We’ve summarized the information in the military section of our website.