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Archive: September 2009
9/25/2009 9:31:09 AM
Homeschool Science Academy Online Science Courses

September 30, 2009 is the deadline to sign up for spring classes beginning in January and still receive the 30% discount. Visit Homeschool Science Academy’s site to choose from an array of interesting biology and anatomy and physiology classes.


To help hone your teen’s writing skills, sign up for the “Creation Research Paper” contest.


Do you just need a supplement to your current biology or anatomy and physiology class? Then one of the anatomy and physiology weekend camps might be just the ticket! The next one is scheduled for October 30 – November 1, 2009.

9/22/2009 5:09:06 PM
Free Supplemental Material for AP Courses

If your teen is tackling an AP course this school year and is thoroughly enjoying being immersed in the subject matter, you may want to have him/her check out additional study material from the free course ware offered by MIT in the following areas for high schoolers:  AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Physics.



9/16/2009 3:31:35 PM
My College Calendar

My College Calendar, is a free service to help parents and students plot their course through highschool and the college admissions process. The site provides interactive tools to track a timeline for each year of high school as well as offers lots of additional information for these years. It’s a great site to bookmark.

9/16/2009 3:30:32 PM

If you are looking for an additional search engine for college scholarships, visit It’s a free service!

9/5/2009 11:24:57 AM
Classy Service

Does your young adult have an interest in training for a career in household management for wealthy clientele? Starkey International Institute for Household Management offers training in the proper ways of professional household managers, personal assistants, private chefs and butlers. There is an eight week training period before being placed with a client. Classes cover food preparation, housekeeping, cleaning, property maintenance, event coordination, vendor management, safety and property protection, and much more. Mrs. Starkey sums up her company – “It’s about etiquette, manners and graciousness.”

9/2/2009 4:43:37 PM
Resource for a Western Civilization Course

Vision Forum recently released a DVD series on Christianity and Western Civilization If you are planning to teach World History this year and wish to add some supplemental spice to your course, this series might just be that answer for you.

9/2/2009 4:38:30 PM
SAT Essay Prep

For those of you thinking about having your teens take the SAT college admissions test this year, help is available for your child to learn to write essays under a time restraint. Courses are offered through Institute for Excellence in Writing . In addition, the College Board offers free help, tips, and samples of well written SAT essays. Other sites to consider are Free SAT Essay and SAT Prep Help.

9/2/2009 11:15:39 AM
Epic New Voices Writing Competition

Calling all young you want an opportunity to have your work published? Check out the Epic New Voices Writing competition  for the genres of writing being accepted. The deadline for submission of your work(s) is October 20, 2009. For winners, there is an opportunity to attend New Voices' yearly conference where you'll be able to meet industry professionals and learn more about e-books.