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Archive: May 2008
5/21/2008 11:31:41 AM
Writing for Moms - A Summer Possibility

Moms, do you journal? Do you wish to write? Do you dream about being published? You are not alone. Having children gives you a lot of material for writing projects. One such mom, Dawn Yun, felt the same way so she began the Writing Mamas Salon, On her website she gives information about her venture and also about how you can begin a similar group in your area. You don’t have to follow her exact format, but the idea may be something you and your friends may wish to replicate.

5/14/2008 3:13:26 PM
Summer Civics Course Anyone?

KONOS is offering a four week civics course for the month of June pertaining to our upcoming election. Some of the topics covered will be how the two party system works (who runs it, how to write a party platform, how to become a delegate), why an Electoral College, how to campaign, and much more. There will be opportunity to participate in a mock election, inauguration, and inaugural ball. Don’t miss this interactive course. Register now!

5/14/2008 3:08:26 PM
Leader's Guide for the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

If you attended the movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, you may be interested in this leader’s guide that will help you and your teen analyze and discuss the movie in more detail.

5/14/2008 3:06:09 PM
Reading List for Teens from Bright-Kids

Bright-Kids has developed a reading list for grades K – 12th grade.  Check out their recommended titles for reading during the teen years.  Remember that some college applications may request a reading list from your teens, so keep your teens reading especially over the summer.


5/14/2008 3:01:51 PM
Generation Joshua Summer Camp

It’s not too early to begin thinking about summer camp opportunities for your teens.   Generation Joshua’s 2008 summer camp will be held in Purcelville, VA on the Patrick Henry College campus during the week of June 29th – July 5th.  Special speakers include Brett and Alex Harris (authors of  Do Hard Things and founders of the Rebelution conferences), Rick Green (former Texas House Rep., founder of Patriot Academy, and speaker for WallBuilders), Mike Smith (President of HSLDA), and Rich Shipe (Director of  As a special bonus, camp attendees will be treated to a field trip to Washington, DC for the 4th of July fireworks!

5/14/2008 10:40:22 AM
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Several weeks ago, we encouraged you to take your teens to the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.  Although the movie is playing in a limited number of theaters throughout the country, you may find a nearby theater by simply providing your zip code on the movie locator icon at this website:


We received the following comment from Allison Jackson, one of our readers:

“My pre-homeschooling background includes work in a research science lab and teaching high school science.  I experienced firsthand the backlash from my attempts to teach the controversy between Darwinism and intelligent design.  Ben Stein's movie does an excellent job shedding light on the lack of academic freedom in the world of academia.  He also reveals the disingenuous attitude of Darwinists like Eugenie Scott, who claim to encourage students to examine the evidence while in reality they stifle opposing viewpoints.  I highly recommend this movie, not only because I agree with the premise, but because I believe it will stimulate much needed dialogue on this critical topic."

5/7/2008 5:36:06 PM
Ballantyne Essay Contest

Vision Forum is sponsoring the 2008 Ballantyne Essay Contest open to all students under the age of 18.   Contestants read at least three books written by R. M. Ballantyne, and then submit an essay on the topic, “What twenty-first century boys and girls can learn about duty, honor, and courage from the writings of R. M. Ballantyne.”  Grand prize is $500 cash, and additional prizes include Vision Forum gift certificates.  Complete details are available on the Vision Forum website.  Deadline to enter is June 30th.