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Archive: August 2007
8/28/2007 3:14:46 PM
SAT Essay Writing Assistance

The SAT college admissions test includes an essay writing section.  (Note: The ACT college admissions test also has an optional essay writing section that many colleges require students to complete.) If your teen could benefit from some writing instruction prior to taking this test, here are some options to consider. 


PA Homeschoolers offers an online SAT essay writing course.  Institute for Excellence in Writing provides instructional DVD’s on essay writing.  As another option, Patrick Henry College offers, for a reasonable fee, writing mentors who will provide general essay writing instruction and will then evaluate your child’s essay giving helpful tips.

8/22/2007 9:25:01 AM
New Parents Teaching High Schoolers

Welcome to the big leagues for all of you parents who are now homeschooling a high schooler!  We’re delighted to support you along the way.  If you are still learning the ropes, the article “ Preparing for College ,” will provide you much helpful information.  Notwithstanding the title of the article, it’s also beneficial for parents whose children are not college bound. 

8/22/2007 9:21:30 AM
Transition Year Between High School and College

If your child is not ready to go directly from high school into college, use this gap or transition year to help him grow.  Taking a year off may be beneficial as he takes the time to work, gain experience, or spiritually mature.  On our website at you will find some resources and suggestions for such a year. The College Board also has some helpful ideas to make the most of this transition year.


8/22/2007 9:20:35 AM
HSLDA High School Brochures

Many of you have already seen the 4 HSLDA high school brochures available on the HSLDA website.  But if you haven’t, you’ll find help for developing a high school program, recordkeeping for high school, homeschooling the college bound, and homeschooling for the marketplace, the home front, or the military.  As you kick off the school year in September and attend your local support meetings, let us know if you would like some free brochures to hand out to others in your group.  Email with your name, address, and the number of brochures you would like to receive.

8/6/2007 12:44:05 PM
Patrick Henry College Distance Learning Courses

Patrick Henry College continues to expand its Distance Learning program, and HSLDA member families receive a 5% tuition discount. Classes are open to high school students ages 16 and over who are looking to get an early start on college, college students pursuing a degree, and adults interested in personal development.

 Advantages to taking college classes from PHC through distance learning include:

 1. Gaining experience with academically rigorous classes.

 2. Making yourself a stronger candidate if you intend to apply for admission to Patrick Henry College.

 3. Avoiding the secular perspective of humanities classes at other institutions.

 4. Saving money since distance learning is significantly cheaper than on-campus tuition.


All classes still have some openings for the upcoming fall semester, which begins August 20, but apply soon to ensure your place. For more information see


8/3/2007 11:18:30 AM
The GPA SmartStore

The GPA SmartStore is a new online source for discounted homeschool curriculum. This store has recently entered into an exclusive agreement with HSLDA to give our members an additional 10% discount on all curriculum purchased through them. Over 5,000 of the most popular homeschool titles are available so come one, come all to check out the savings!

8/3/2007 10:20:12 AM
A Theme Verse for Your Homeschool

Before starting school in September, why not take time to prayerfully choose a theme verse for the new school year?  Involve your teen in picking a Bible verse that will inspire and encourage them.  Have everyone mark the verse in their Bibles with a note such as “2007-2008 Homeschool Theme Verse.”  It will become a stone of remembrance as you complete another year of school.  Write us and let us know which verse you chose!

8/3/2007 10:13:29 AM
Princeton Review’s Guide to Careers

Princeton Review's Guide to Careers (6th edition) profiles 240 different careers and provides helpful information on the major employers in the field and major associations related to the job to contact for more information, as well as giving interviewing tips.  It is a great resource for your child as he investigates and considers various career possibilities for his future plans.

8/2/2007 12:32:43 PM
Contests Update

HSLDA's homeschool contests are going through some changes, most notably in scheduling. This fall, HSLDA will announce all four of its contests at once, each with different submission dates. The contests will now be held quarterly, and students will have more time to work on their submissions. The first contest in the new schedule will be for essays with a November 1 deadline.


Be sure to keep checking the HSLDA contest webpage throughout August for more information as it is revamped to help these contests grow and make them even more of a learning experience for students! 


The proceeds from all HSLDA's contests go to HSF's Special Needs Children Fund to help homeschooling families with the expenses of private special educational services.