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Archive: October 2007
10/29/2007 10:15:00 AM
Virtual Dissection Lab

For those families and students who are squeamish or lack the financial resources for a science dissection module, consider subscribing to Froguts. Even for those who wish to experience the real thing, this virtual program may be useful in collaboration with your hands-on lab.  Special pricing for home use is available.

10/19/2007 11:54:40 AM
AP Course Designation Changes

Beginning in 2007, changes to AP (Advanced Placement) course designations have been made by AP Central (College Board). Any teacher, parent, or independent learner providing an AP course must submit a course audit and syllabus to AP Central for approval before being authorized to designate the course on the student’s transcript as an AP course. The purpose for this is to attempt to insure consistent quality in AP course requirements “to assist colleges to better interpret secondary school courses marked ‘AP’ on students’ transcripts.” (AP Central) On AP Central’s websiteyou will find information on creating your account in order to submit the necessary forms. If you have questions, you can also call 877.274.3570.

10/19/2007 11:52:40 AM
Unable to take the PSAT?

If you were unable to register your child for the PSAT or if you missed the deadline or the test, do not despair. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation will allow your child to participate in qualifying for this scholarship by submitting his/her SAT scores. For specific instructions on how to submit these scores, go to the National Merit Corporation’s website.

10/9/2007 1:33:15 PM
PSAT State Homeschool Codes

If your child is registered to take the PSAT test in October, on the test day when completing basic information on the test form, he/she should use the state specific homeschool code for the state in which you live.This PSAT state code will denote your child as homeschooled and test score reports will be mailed to your home address. Also, do not forget - your child will need a photo ID to be admitted to the test. This can be a drivers license, passport, or student ID issued by your DMV. 

10/4/2007 9:54:52 AM
Golden Age of the Roman Empire Family Tour of Italy

On May 8-18, 2008, Regan & Amy Barr of The Lukeion Project are hosting a family trip to Italy. Before the trip, they are offering a series of “Know Before You Go” Lukeion online, interactive workshops so you can learn about the places you’ll see and to give you helpful travel tips. There are only a few more spots available so for more information, go to

10/3/2007 3:49:39 PM
San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF)

The SAICFF, a project of Vision Forum, is being held on October 25-27 in San Antonio, Texas. On October 22-24 prior to the film festival, the Christian Filmmakers Academy will host a technical boot camp for aspiring filmmakers. Space is limited so register today.