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Archive: August 2006
8/28/2006 9:26:37 AM
Family Devotions

Kids Talk About God is an online resource which provides you with Bible lessons/devotions, thought provoking questions, art projects, Scripture memory printouts, and much more. Even though the material is geared towards elementary age children, it can be adapted for older children as well. This makes a great devotional tool for your families or a supplement to your Bible curriculum.


8/23/2006 2:58:37 PM

Check out this website – a great resource to add to your worldview course. If your mature teen is preparing for college, this website sponsored by Focus on the Family, will be a place he can frequently visit for answers to help him evaluate real-life issues and situations from a Christian worldview.

8/18/2006 9:32:18 AM
Computer Skills

It's important for your students to have a working knowledge of various computer applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and so on for both college and the work place. A good course to consider is New Perspectives. If your children want to explore further computer skills such as web design, you may want to consider a self-teaching, hands-on tutorial approach . All these books may be available used on so check there as well. The files you need to use with the courses can be downloaded from

8/11/2006 9:47:43 AM
Moldova with a Fulbright Scholar

Parents, as you are choosing and gathering your curriculum for the upcoming school year, you may be looking for a world cultures elective or a supplement to your World Geography course. If so, check out this website featuring a homeschooling dad and college professor who is offering an online social studies course on Moldova while he is researching and studying in that country. The class is intended for advanced students. Registration deadline is August 25 so hurry!

8/10/2006 11:32:06 AM
High School Credit Requirements for Graduation

Many people ask us how many credits are required for high school graduation.  In most cases, if the parents are awarding the diploma, homeschoolers are not required to fulfill the state’s requirements for its public school students.  However, it is a good idea to know your state’s graduation requirements and use it simply as a frame of reference when planning out your child’s high school years.  As the homeschooling parent, you have much flexibility in designing a high school program that prepares your child to meet his post-high school goals.  The HSLDA brochure, Developing a High School Plan – Sample 4 Year Plans provides general recommendations for credits in each of the main subject areas.  If you wish to use your state’s requirements as a jumping off point in tailoring your own high school program, see and then choose your state from the menu.  Next, on your state Department of Education page, type in “high school graduation requirements.” If your child is college bound, it’s a good idea to check college websites for what they require of incoming freshmen and tailor your course offerings accordingly.

8/9/2006 3:39:59 PM
National Christian Colleges Fairs

The North American Coalition for Christian Admission Professionals (NACCAP) hold Christian College Fairs in many locations throughout the country.  Check out NACCAP’s website for locations, dates, and times or phone 888-423-2477 for more information.


8/9/2006 1:02:29 PM
US News and World Report – America’s Best Colleges

US News and World Report publishes each year a special edition entitled “America’s Best Colleges.”  Although many people purchase the edition for the various rankings of the colleges (such as Best Liberal Arts Schools, Best Regional Schools, etc.), the magazine is full of valuable information on all aspects of applying to college, financial aid, and much more including a very helpful college planner and calendar.  The new 2007 edition will be available in print or online beginning August 18, 2006.  The 2006 edition is also for sale at a discounted price.