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Archive: April 2006
4/28/2006 1:18:06 PM
Homeschooling Thru High School Email Newsletter

We are pleased to announce that our email monthly newsletter can now be accessed on our website.  If you are signed up to receive our newsletter and want to access prior issues, you can easily do so. If you are not currently receiving our newsletter and want to see what you are missing, check it out! If you like it, it's easy to subscribe .

4/27/2006 1:56:16 PM
State Resources

Check out the new State Resources section of the Homeschooling Through High School website. You’ll find each state listed along with the its homeschooling organization(s) and resources offered especially for high schoolers. If you are unsure of the activities and class opportunities for high schoolers in your state, these pages will give you a head start in locating this information.  The information will also be valuable should you be moving to a new state and you are unsure of the activities offered in that state for homeschooled teens.

4/26/2006 10:22:59 AM
Summer Internship Opportunities

A recent Homeschooling Through High School email newsletter covered the topic of summer opportunities for high schoolers.  We later received an email from a staff member of a congressman asking us to let people know that local congressional offices are often looking for high school students to work as interns in their offices during the summer.  High school elective credits can be earned (depending on the hours worked) while your teen learns valuable information about the governmental and political processes.  Work done in the official office is not connected to campaigning.  It may be worth a phone call to your state or federal congressional office to see what opportunities are available to your teen this summer – or even on a limited basis throughout the school year.

4/17/2006 12:26:42 PM
Stories from the Home Front

The Homeschooling Thru High School website includes a section called “Stories from the Home Front.”  These are short articles written by former homeschooled graduates and also a mom who has now graduated all 7 of her homeschooled children.  If you need a new vision as you homeschool your high schooler, these articles may be just the lift you need today.

4/17/2006 12:23:49 PM
Transcript Forms

We’ve had inquiries whether HSLDA still provides transcript forms. Yes we do! We provide a simple and detailed form in Word or PDF which you can access on our website under Transcripts If you choose the Word document, you can copy it to your documents and then replace the sample information with your student’s own information. Remember, there is no standard format required so you have the flexibility to produce a format which best suits your student’s information.


4/17/2006 12:21:22 PM
Generation Joshua Book Club

Calling all book lovers! Generation Joshua Book Club participants read one book selected by the Director of Generation Joshua each month. Books deal with subjects such as leadership, politics, worldview, history, theology, and Christian discipleship. At the end of the month there is a live online discussion on the book hosted by the Director. Readers may even write book reports! Check it out!

4/10/2006 12:28:07 PM
Transcript Pro Updated Version

We thought you might want to know that Inge Cannon has available on her website the new, updated Version 3 of her Transcript Pro. This version has a new GPA calculating system which includes the 12-point system as well as California Units, Core-40 Units, and South Carolina’s Uniform Grade Conversion system. It also holds 8 children’s records. Check it out!

4/4/2006 3:02:19 PM
Heart to Heart: Keeping Your Focus

One of the difficult things to do as a homeschool mom is to keep your focus on eternity.  With so many daily details to keep track of (Suzie’s Algebra lesson, Billy’s vocabulary list, and the upcoming college visit among others!), it’s a common temptation to forget the main reason why you are homeschooling.  When you pare down your daily “to do” list to just two items – your own daily obedience to the Lord’s leading and then training your children to love the Lord with all their hearts – it’s amazing how many of the other details fall into place.  Keep an “in light of eternity” neon sign in front of you, giving each homeschool day to the Lord and walking in peace and joy as you trust Him to lead and guide you.  In light of eternity…your time and efforts will bear fruit.  

4/4/2006 2:59:24 PM
Advanced Placement Courses

If your child is exceptionally motivated academically and you are looking for challenging courses, consider Advanced Placement courses. 


Consider this testimonial from Mark Cruthers, AP teacher and homeschooling cheerleader:

“As a career teacher who has worked with home schoolers for the past several years I would like to recommend the Advanced Placement (AP) program administered by the College Board to the home schooling community.   After my involvement with AP for several years I can not express enough the amazing change this program has brought to my students academically and personally.  Upon the completion of a year of AP European History, with a great deal of hard work a few years ago, I asked one of my students “so are you recovering?” and he said to me, “Mr. Cruthers, I don’t think I’ll ever ‘recover’ after this class.”  I said “What do you mean?” “Well, before this class I was an O.K. student, but after this class I feel I am a much better student.”

Parents and students, I hope you will consider the AP program because the College Board wants to support home schooling and is prepared to accept you into their program.  You do not have to take a “class” at a regular public or private school, you can self study and take the exam for credit in May of each year. Go to AP Central at the College Board website.”


If you have questions you may email Mr. Cruthers: or call EIE Academy at 626-821-0025

4/4/2006 2:57:53 PM
Grading Guidelines

Are you a little confused and uncertain when thinking about how to give grades to your child during high school? On the other hand, are grades really even necessary?  We’ve put together some thoughts in our Grading Guidelines for you to consider.