Originally Sent: 5/20/2014

May 20, 2014
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

Homeschoolers in Northern Ireland need our help.
Michael P. Farris

  1. New UN-Linked Policy Threatens Homeschool Freedom
  2. “We Cannot Accept Your Diploma”
  3. Superintendent Scoffs at Teacher Review as “Unreliable”
  4. Home School Heartbeat: Graduation Advice from Mike Farris
  5. Preparing for College
  6. Less than 2 Weeks to Save $50 per Course!
  7. Build Your Child’s Creativity
  8. Creative Poetry Assignment
  9. Scholarships for Patrick Henry College Freshmen
  10. GenJ Camps: Changing the Lives of Teens
  11. Graduates, How Are You Going to Pay for College?

1. New UN-Linked Policy Threatens Homeschool Freedom

Homeschoolers in Northern Ireland are asking for global support in opposing a new and imperious policy directed against home education. Read more >>

2. Wisconsin Beauty School: “We Cannot Accept Your Diploma”

When an administrator at a professional academy questioned a homeschool graduate’s diploma, HSLDA helped demonstrate its validity. Read more >>

3. Ohio: Superintendent Scoffs at Teacher Review as “Unreliable”

In a letter to homeschoolers in St. Mary’s school district, the local superintendent scoffed at certified teachers. Read more >>

4. Home School Heartbeat: Graduation Advice from Mike Farris

Graduation Advice from Mike Farris.

To those homeschoolers who are graduating high school this year, our host Mike Farris has a message especially for you! Tune in on Home School Heartbeat to hear him answer some important questions that arise for graduating students, and listen to him share his thoughts about entering this new stage of your journey. Read more >>

5. Preparing for College

HSLDA High School consultants Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer have gathered information and resources for homeschool parents relating to college admissions, college preparation, and the college search. Back issues of the HSLDA high school email newsletter provide additional college resources and tips.

6. Less than 2 Weeks to Save $50 per Course!

Save $50 per course.

Sign up by June 2 to receive $50 off each PHC Prep Academy course, no matter how many courses you take! If you have a high school student interested in high quality online courses taught from a Christian worldview, give us a call at (540) 338-8290. We’ll gladly answer all your questions and help you find a course that would be a good fit for your student. Also, don’t forget—HSLDA members enjoy additional savings! Read more >>

7. Build Your Child’s Creativity

HSLDA blogger MaryAnn Gaver considers ways to foster creativity as a life skill. Read more >>

8. Creative Poetry Assignment

Whether you enter or not, check out the themes and guidelines for HSLDA’s Poetry Contest for a fun, creative educational activity as the school year wraps up (contest deadline is June 1). When the winners are announced, you and your children can read the winning poems for their age category and be amused and inspired by the writing of fellow homeschoolers. Looking for poetry writing resources? Check out the HSLDA Store >>

9. Scholarships for Patrick Henry College Freshmen

Modest scholarships for HSLDA families are now available to incoming freshman at Patrick Henry College for the 2014-2015 school year through the Home School Foundation. Applications will be accepted through June 1. For details >>

Famous homeschoolers T-shirts for kids.

10. GenJ Camps: Changing the Lives of Teens

When HSLDA launched Generation Joshua in 2002, our primary motivation was political. We feared our country was going in the wrong direction and that only the next generation could redeem America’s future. Since then we have come to believe that the overall spiritual and moral development of youth is the most important aspect of Generation Joshua. GenJ summer camps are the chief tool we’re using to literally change the lives of young people. Learn more and register >>

11. Graduates, How Are You Going to Pay for College?

You worked hard academically, researched scholarships, save your money but it still doesn’t seem like it will be enough! What if studying the Bible could help pay for some or all of your college plans? Just study one Bible book this summer. Qualification tests at over 450 locations at summers end could get you in the running for your share of over $350,000 in cash and scholarships (top senior earns $100,000)! Step 1 …

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HSLDA: Who We Are

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Membership benefits for homeschoolers include the possibility of representation in court, and HSLDA typically pays court costs and attorneys’ fees. HSLDA is not an insurance company; therefore we cannot guarantee representation for all legal matters. Additional benefits to membership include access to the members-only website which provides discounts on many products and assists in homeschooling and parenting in general. We appreciate your membership and donations to help preserve our fundamental freedoms to direct the upbringing and education of our children. To learn more about us, check out the HSLDA website at HSLDA.org.



What We Believe biblical worldview series from Apologia

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If you live in the District of Columbia, Kansas, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania or Washington, click on the name of your state or the link below to learn about legislation that could affect your freedom to homeschool.

State Legislation

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Outside news items on home education

May 18: Bradenton Herald, Bradenton, Florida Manatee’s Homeschool Graduates Celebrate

May 17: The Australian, Sydney, Australia Homeschooling Takes off in Queensland Amid NAPLAN Stress, Bullying Fears

May 16: Cherokee Tribune, Canton, Georgia Homeschool QB Eyes Future

May 15: The Today Show The Brainy Bunch: Family’s Homeschooling Method Sends 7 Children to College by Age 12

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