Originally Sent: 5/13/2014

May 13, 2014
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

The Common Core is attempting to politicize America’s classrooms.
Michael P. Farris

  1. Call U.S. Senate to Stop Federal Pre-K
  2. Math + Social Justice = Common Core
  3. MTA Elects Anti-Common Core President as Opposition Increases
  4. Montgomery College Removes Financial Aid Roadblock
  5. New England Conservatory Drops GED Demand
  6. College More Homeschool-Friendly after HSLDA Intervenes
  7. HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Improves
  8. Home School Heartbeat: AP Classes, PHC Prep, and You
  9. Save $50 per Course with PHC Prep Academy
  10. New SAT—What You Need to Know
  11. Creative Poetry Assignment
  12. Scholarships for Patrick Henry College Freshmen
  13. On your mark, get set, GO!

1. Call U.S. Senate to Stop Federal Pre-K, Home Visitation

A bill that would expand federal involvement and increase spending for preschool is being considered in the U.S. Senate. Please act now to oppose this encroachment on parental rights. Read more >>

2. Math + Social Justice = Common Core

Home School Legal Defense Association is concerned that new curricula being developed for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics will endanger the political neutrality of the classroom. Read more >>

3. Massachusetts: MTA Elects Anti-Common Core President as Opposition Increases

A union that represents about 110,000 teachers in Massachusetts elected an anti-Common Core president on May 10 in a hotly contested and close election. Read more >>

4. Montgomery College Removes Financial Aid Roadblock

HSLDA helped a homeschool graduate obtain financial aid for college by referring to federal law. Read more >>

Custom student identifcation cards.

5. New England Conservatory Drops GED Demand

A highly rated music school questioned a homeschool graduate’s diploma until HSLDA vouched for its validity under the law. Read more >>

6. Maine: College More Homeschool-Friendly after HSLDA Intervenes

Bowdoin College officials simplified the application process for homeschoolers after being contacted by HSLDA. Read more >>

7. Georgia: HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Improves

The enactment of a new state law means graduates of home study programs will be able to qualify for a HOPE Scholarship with a lower score on an admissions test. Read more >>

8. Home School Heartbeat: AP Classes, PHC Prep, and You

AP classes, PHC Prep and you.

Are you not sure what to expect from the AP courses offered by PHC Preparatory Academy? This week on Home School Heartbeat, our host Mike Smith is joined by Erin Schellhase, program manager at PHC Prep, and two former students as they share about these online classes. Read more >>

9. Save $50 Per Course with PHC Prep Academy

Save $50 per course.

PHC Prep Academy provides rigorous, intellectually stimulating online courses for high school students. Gain experience with college-level work, prepare for AP exams, and grow through Christian worldview teaching! Register by June 2 to get a $50 discount on every course. HSLDA members enjoy additional savings! Read more >>

10. New SAT—What You Need to Know

If your teen is college bound, most likely he will take either the ACT or SAT college entrance test. Recently, the College Board announced the SAT test is undergoing a revision and the new version of the test will debut in spring 2016. What changes can you expect on the revised SAT? Read more >>

11. Creative Poetry Assignment

Whether you enter or not, check out the themes and guidelines for HSLDA’s Poetry Contest for a fun, creative educational activity as the school year wraps up (contest deadline is June 1). When the winners are announced, you and your children can read the winning poems for their age category and be amused and inspired by the writing of fellow homeschoolers. For poetry writing resources >>

12. Scholarships for Patrick Henry College Freshmen

Modest scholarships for HSLDA families are now available to incoming freshman at Patrick Henry College for the 2014-2015 school year through the Home School Foundation. Applications will be accepted through June 1. For details >>

13. On your mark, get set, GO!

Are you looking for something this summer to get your kids up … out & moving about?
Music? Sports? Camp?
What about something for the whole family to do together?
Here’s an activity that gathers you, dabbles in music, friendly competition for those that enjoy it, but all about the eternal. Click here to play …

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Outside news items on home education

May 10: The Daily Standard, Celina, Ohio Homeschool Moms Take on Challenges of Teaching

May 9: The Sentinel, Carlisle, Pennsylvania Families Discuss Benefits of Homeschooling

May 9: The Tribune, Greeley, Colorado Portraits of Weld County Homeschool Families: The Dallows

May 9: Fox News Company Rescinds Ohio Man's Job Offer after Learning He was Homeschooled

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