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Legal Status of Homeschooling:
Homeschooling is legal

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3,619,925 (July 2013 est.)

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Unknown—at least one!

Action Update

HSLDA Asks for Help for Swedish Johansson Family

Christer Johansson has suggested that contacting local officials could help his family at this time. Click here for contact information and suggested messages.



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Vol III / Autumn 2013

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Give Thanks in All Things

Mike Donnelly

This week Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, an annual holiday that traces its roots back to the earliest days of the American Founding.

The earliest Thanksgiving recorded on the North American continent occurred in 1621 when 44 surviving Pilgrim settlers (out of the original 102) gathered with their invited guests from the Wampanoag Indian tribe to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. The previous year these intrepid, God-fearing families left Europe to establish the Plymouth Bay Colony. They resolved to undertake this treacherous voyage in large part to bring up their children according to their conscience.

Like the early Pilgrim pioneers, Uwe and Hanne Romeike fled Europe to be free to raise their children according to their own conscience. HSLDA has represented the Romeikes in a long battle. We won asylum in a federal immigration court in 2010, but the Obama administration revoked their victory and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the government. In October, we asked the US Supreme Court to intervene. Unlike our government, we believe that America should be a place of refuge for those who are persecuted because of their conviction to homeschool.

When we filed our petition with the Supreme Court, the government didn’t even respond. They declined to do so—probably thinking the case did not merit a response. But last week, the US Supreme Court ordered the government to respond to our argument. This action indicates that there is at least one Justice interested in the case. While this is no indication that the court will ultimately take the case, it does increase our chances slightly. (Over 10,000 cases are filed with the court of which fewer than 100 ever get a hearing.) Thus, we ask you to make this a matter of prayer as you gather with your own friends and families this week—either to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US or anywhere else for any reason.

Americans enjoy an almost unequalled freedom to homeschool, mostly without overly burdensome government interference. However, this freedom was realized only after thirty years of hard-fought court and legislative battles. Now established in all 50 states with over 2 million students, the American homeschool movement is a beacon of hope and encouragement for parents all over the globe.

Yet even in America, we hear increasing calls for more restrictions. Some even argue that home education should be completely outlawed. These statists want to use government education to remake society according to their own vision—a vision where parents are incubators and observers and where experts decide how and what our children are taught.

This is the sad state of affairs in Germany today, and it is why the Romeikes fled. This is the future that HSLDA is fighting against.

HSLDA is resolved to stand for families everywhere against the overbearing power of the state. Whether combatting UN treaties, the Common Core, state regulation or unlawful intrusion by government agents at every level, homeschooling families have a friend and defender in HSLDA.

Homeschooling is a precious freedom; one that we should indeed be thankful for and one that must be defended. With your help through membership and support, we will continue to be the defenders of homeschooling.

With thanksgiving!

Mike Donnelly
Director of International Affairs


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  Action Update  

HSLDA Asks for Help for Swedish Johansson Family

Christer Johansson has suggested that contacting local officials could help his family at this time. Click here for contact information and suggested messages.

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