Originally Sent: 6/25/2013

June 25, 2013
     Mike Farris
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

Here are this week’s top stories.
Michael P. Farris

  1. “Let Me in or I’ll Take Your Kids”
  2. County Grinch Wants to Steal Homeschool Freedom
  3. Technical Fix to Homeschool Access Law Coming
  4. Homeschoolers Eligible for Tax Credit Scholarships
  5. Invitation from Polish Homeschoolers
  6. German Asylum Update—Register Now to Watch Online
  7. More Reasons to Oppose UN Disabilities Treaty
  8. Home School Heartbeat: Homeschool Choirs
  9. Help for Struggling High School Students
  10. Summer Photo Contest!
  11. Free Christmas Card Design Contest
  12. Register Now for Fall ConLaw Class with Mike Farris
  13. 2013 National Bible Bee Registration Closes June 30!

1. Loudermilk Case: “Let Me in or I’ll Take Your Kids”

Pray that Home School Legal Defense Association’s appeal on behalf of the Loudermilk family results in a ruling that upholds Fourth Amendment rights for all parents. Read more >>

2. Kansas: County Grinch Wants to Steal Homeschool Freedom

When county officials harassed a new homeschooling family with demands for information and threats of legal action, HSLDA intervened. Read more >>

3. Wisconsin: Technical Fix to Homeschool Access Law Coming

A correction is in the works for a minor error in the law that gives homeschoolers the right to take up to two public high school courses. Read more >>

4. New Hampshire: Homeschoolers Eligible for Tax Credit Scholarships

A judge ruled that homeschoolers can receive state scholarship tax credits, but he also declared the credits are “public monies” that may not be used for religious schools. Read more >>

5. Invitation from Polish Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers in Poland are inviting all comers to educational family camps to be held this summer in Kraków. The idea behind this project is to practice cultural exchange and development. Read more >>

6. German Asylum Update—Register Now to Watch Online

HSLDA, the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty and the Family Research Council will host a briefing about the importance and current state of the Romeike asylum case at noon on June 26. HSLDA’s Director for International Affairs Mike Donnelly and Beckett Fund Attorney Daniel Bloomberg will discuss the case and its implications for parental rights and religious freedom. There will be an opportunity for Q&A. Attend in person at FRC’s headquarters in Washington or watch the live webcast. Learn more and register >>

7. More Reasons to Oppose UN Disabilities Treaty

HSLDA has been at the forefront in warning of the threats posed to homeschool freedoms and parental rights by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Our friends at the Heritage Foundation have just released a new report on numerous other dangers to our freedom posed by this treaty.

Read the Heritage report >>

Take action and read HSLDA’s resources >>

8. Home School Heartbeat: Homeschool Choirs

Homeschool choir

Can your child benefit from joining a choir, even if he doesn’t seem to have any outstanding musical ability? On this week’s edition of Home School Heartbeat, join Mike Farris, Dr. Steven McCollum of Patrick Henry College, and two homeschool moms who started their own choirs to discover how vocal training could be a foundational part of your child’s education! Read more >>

9. Help for Struggling High School Students

Do you have a student with special needs or a struggling learner entering the high school years? If so, the Special Needs Department consultants would like you to know we are here to support you and have resources to assist you. Check out our online newsletter >>

10. Summer Photo Contest!

Beyond academics, it is important to train our children in every area of life. HSLDA’s Photography Contest offers you the opportunity to bond with your child while helping him or her hone the useful skill of capturing the big and small moments of life. Winners will receive cash prizes. Don’t consider yourself much of a photographer? No worries: check out our resources page for great information and ideas for beginners and serious photographers alike! For contest guidelines and entry form >>

11. Free Christmas Card Design Contest

HSLDA’s charitable arm, the Home School Foundation, announces its yearly Christmas card contest, open to adults as well as students. Design a Christmas card, and you could win a box of your cards along with other prizes as your card spreads joy to widows and single parents who receive HSF grants in 2013. Read more >>

12. Register Now for Fall ConLaw Class with Mike Farris

Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in this incredible online learning experience! Whether you are a high school student looking to beef up your transcript, or an adult simply wanting to become a more informed citizen, this course is for you. Space is limited. Direct questions to Logan Spena at conlaw@hslda.org! Register now >>

13. 2013 National Bible Bee Registration Closes June 30!

Everything every member of your family needs for summer spiritual growth together is included with your registration. Register now! >>




Homeschool foreign languageHomeschool foreign language

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Outside news items on home education

June 23: The Herald-Journal, Spartanburg, South Carolina Homeschooled Tennis Player Named All-ACC at Clemson

June 23: The Queanbeyan Age, Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia Homeschooling a Positive Choice

June 20: The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington Homeschool Mom Turns Outings into Exploring Families

June 19: Barry’s Bay This Week, Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada Homeschooling Group Putting on Fundraising Play

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