Originally Sent: 6/4/2013

June 4, 2013
     Mike Farris
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

Here are this week’s top stories.
Michael P. Farris

  1. Thackers Win in Nebraska Supreme Court
  2. Can Parents be Trusted?
  3. “Home School” Redefined
  4. Romeike Case: HSLDA Appeals, Congressmen Petition Attorney General
  5. Bulgarian National TV Airs Homeschool Documentary
  6. Home School Heartbeat: Getting to Know You
  7. Photo Contest this Summer!
  8. Poetry Contest Closed
  9. Register Now for Fall ConLaw Class with Mike Farris
  10. Bible Bee: Lead Your Family’s Summer Discipleship Adventure

1. Thackers Win in Nebraska Supreme Court

The Nebraska Supreme Court exonerated the Thacker family in a truancy case with wide-ranging impact. Read more >>

2. Ohio: Can Parents be Trusted?

Public school officials questioned a mother’s assurances that she is qualified to teach her children. But assurances are all state law requires, a point Home School Legal Defense Association made when we advocated for the family. Read more >>

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3. North Carolina: “Home School” Redefined

With the signature of Governor Pat McCrory, North Carolina enacted Senate Bill 189, which redefines the term “home school” in state law. Read more >>

4. Romeike Case: HSLDA Appeals, Congressmen Petition Attorney General

HSLDA appealed to the entire 15-judge panel of the federal Sixth Circuit on behalf of the Romeikes, a German homeschool family who requested asylum in the U.S. HSLDA Founder Michael Farris claims the decision denying asylum ignored critical evidence and established confusing new rules. Also, members of Congress have asked the U.S. attorney general to intervene in favor of the Romeikes.

Read about the appeal >>

Read about the letter from Congress >>

5. Bulgarian National TV Airs Homeschool Documentary

Education in Bulgaria is tightly controlled by the government, and homeschooling is practically illegal. Yet it was the state-owned TV network, third-largest in the nation, that aired a recent homeschool documentary. Read more >>

6. Home School Heartbeat: Getting to Know You

Getting to know you

As a homeschooler, you pour yourself into educating your children. But, at the end of the day, do you really know and understand the kids who you’re teaching? On this week’s Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith shares his tips for ditching the papers and books and getting to know your children on a personal level! Read more >>

7. Photo Contest this Summer!

As the poetry contest wraps up, HSLDA is excited to announce our 9th annual photography contest! This contest is designed to give students the opportunity to develop their visual arts skills and showcase their talents at the same time. Cash prizes are awarded to the top five entries in each category, and the winning photos will be posted online. For complete contest details >>

8. Poetry Contest Closed

A huge thank-you to all who participated in the poetry contest, which closed June 1. Final submissions are still being received and entered, and the judging panel is excited to read them all in the upcoming weeks. Results will be announced mid-to-late June, so keep your ears open! Email the contest coordinator with any questions at contests@hslda.org.

9. Register Now for Fall ConLaw Class with Mike Farris

Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in this incredible online learning experience! Whether you are a high school student looking to beef up your transcript, or an adult simply wanting to become a more informed citizen, this course is for you. Space is limited. Direct questions to Logan Spena at conlaw@hslda.org! Register now >>

10. Bible Bee: Lead Your Family’s Summer Discipleship Adventure

Don’t get behind! Download the first two weeks of age-leveled Bible studies and parents’ guides free. Read more >>




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State Legislation

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Outside news items on home education

June 1: Fremont Tribune, Fremont, Nebraska High Court Makes Ruling in Homeschooling Case

June 1: Quincy Herald-Whig, Quincy, Illinois Homeschool Students Take Turn in Graduation Spotlight

May 30: Christian News Congress Urges U.S. Justice Department to Grant Asylum to Christian Homeschooling Family

May 29: The Washington Free Beacon Congressmen Ask Holder to Grant German Family Asylum

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