Originally Sent: 5/23/2013

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Compassion Emergency Fund

Help Homeschool Victims of the Midwest Tornados


Dear Friends of the Home School Foundation

The Home School Foundation, HSLDA's charitable arm, is seeking to minister to homeschool families who have experienced a loss of their homes, livelihood or homeschool libraries due to the tornados and intense storms in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas during the past couple of weeks.

Many families have been displaced, and we have already begun to hear from those who need help. Through the Compassion Emergency Response program, HSF helps homeschool families who have been impacted by a natural disaster.

If you know of a homeschooling family who has been seriously affected by the tornados, please have them contact HSF. If you would like to help other homeschoolers going through hard times, please donate to the Compassion Emergency Fund.

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If you have curriculum you wish to donate, please contact the Oklahoma Christian Home Educator’s Consociation (OCHEC) through this website or The Book Samaritan at booksamaritan@sbcglobal.net. HSF cannot accept curriculum donations at this time due to space constraints.

Finally, HSF’s Oklahoma State Ambassador is available to channel assistance to homeschooling families affected by the tornado. She may be contacted at OKStateAmb@gmail.com.

Thank you for your prayers as these families rebuild their lives.

Home School Foundation
Helping families homeschool through hard times


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