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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)

11/6/2003Virginia--Appomattox County Seeks Unauthorized Information
10/22/2003Virginia--Roanoke County Pursues Unauthorized Information
7/30/2003Hanover County, Virginia--Important Religious Exemption Meetings
7/17/2003Virginia--Announcing the Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
7/14/2003Virginia--Defer Task Force Request in Hanover County
7/1/2003Virginia--Partial Victory in Hanover County
6/11/2003Virginia--Announcing the 12th Annual NACHE Conference
6/2/2003Virginia--Chairman of Senate Education Committee Supports SOL Test for Homeschoolers
5/29/2003Virginia--Announcing the HEAV Convention 2003
5/6/2003Virginia--Announcing the 16th Annual TEACH Education Expo
5/2/2003Virginia--HSLDA to Argue Community Center Case
4/25/2003Virginia--Announcing the 12th Annual Fredericksburg Area Curriculum Fair
4/14/2003Virginia--Announcing the Central Virginia Home Education Conference
4/14/2003Virginia--Announcing the Central Virginia Home Education Conference
4/10/2003Virginia--Announcing the Blue Ridge Home Education Conference
3/25/2003Virginia--Final Victory: Governor Signs Driver Ed Bill
3/19/2003Virginia--Call Governor Warner and Ask Him to Sign Driver Education Bill
2/25/2003Virginia--Parent-taught Driver's Ed Bill Goes to Governor
2/19/2003Virginia--Senate to Vote on Parent-taught Driver's Ed
2/14/2003Virginia--Update On Parent-Taught Driver's Ed
2/13/2003Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently on Parent Taught Driver's Ed Bill
2/10/2003Virginia--Announcing the Harmony at Home Conference
2/10/2003Virginia--Call Now! Homeschool Driver Instruction Bill in Jeopardy
2/4/2003Subject: Virginia--Legislative Update: Bad News, Good News
1/31/2003Virginia--Parent Taught Driver Education Needs Your Help!
1/27/2003Virginia--CORRECTION Hearing on House Bill 2831
1/27/2003Virginia--Action Needed on Bill to Restore Parents' Due Process Rights