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8/21/2013Daytime Curfew Vote Suspended in Blanco, TX
8/12/2013Texas--Action Needed to Oppose Blanco Daytime Curfew
6/6/2013Texas Legislature Now Adjourned!
5/20/2013Texas: Legislative Update
5/8/2013Texas: Legislative Update and Action Requested
5/8/2013Texas: Pick up some savings at the 2013 FEAST Homeschool Convention!
5/7/2013TX: Pick up some savings at the 2013 Arlington Homeschool Book Fair!
4/19/2013Texas: Calls Needed on Parental Rights Bills in Senate Committee!
4/15/2013Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Resolution
4/11/2013Texas: More Calls Needed to Oppose Attack on Parental Rights
3/25/2013Thank You for Your Calls: Senate Bill 1148 Pulled from Docket
3/15/2013Texas: Calls Needed to Oppose Attack on Parental Rights
3/14/2013GenJ Camp: Teach Your Teens Government, Save Money
3/7/2013Parental Rights Legislation Introduced: No Action Currently Requested
2/11/2013Support Texas Constitutional Amendment Protecting Homeschool and Private Schools
1/18/2013Controlling In-Laws Manipulate CPS Investigation
1/14/2013Take Part in Dr. Dobson Film Series
1/10/2013Texas Legislature Now in Session