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11/17/2005Texas--Marriage Amendment to Constitution Passes
7/12/2005Texas--Announcing the North TX Home Educators' Network Conference and Bookfair
6/27/2005Texas--Marriage Amendment Passes
5/25/2005Texas - Announcing the Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas
5/23/2005Texas--Update: Calls Needed in Support of Marriage
5/18/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Marriage
5/13/2005Texas--Bill Preventing Discrimination in College Scholarships Dies
5/12/2005Texas--Bill to Help Homeschoolers Become Lawyers Dies
5/10/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Help Homeschoolers Become Lawyers
5/3/2005Texas--Announcing the Nineteenth Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
4/29/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Marriage
4/26/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Anti-Discrimination Bill for College Scholarships
4/25/2005Texas--Your Calls Worked - the Child Welfare Bill was Amended
4/20/2005Texas--Announcing the FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair
4/19/2005Texas--Calls Needed Now to Stop a Bill that Endangers Parental Rights
4/14/2005Texas--Announcing the Homeschool Book Fair
4/13/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Expand Opportunities for Homeschoolers
3/30/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Expand Legal Education Opportunities for Homeschoolers
3/21/2005Texas--Legislative Update
2/17/2005Texas--Calls Needed Now to Stop a Bill that Endangers Parental Rights
1/14/2005Texas--Announcing the North Texas Home Educators Network Winter Conference