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7/17/2003Texas--Announcing the NTHEN 2003 Summer Homeschool Conference
7/11/2003Texas--Bill Repealing Immunization Exemption Likely Dead
7/9/2003Texas--Calls Needed to Preserve Immunization Exemption
6/11/2003Texas--Announcing the 16th Annual CHEACT Home Educators Conference and Book Fair
6/10/2003Texas--Legislature Now Closed for 2003
6/6/2003Texas--Surprise Victory; Social Worker Training Becomes Mandatory
5/30/2003Texas--Announcing the 17th Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/28/2003Texas--Bill Ending College Discrimination Against Homeschoolers Passes Senate
5/26/2003Texas--H.B. 944 Passes out of Committee
5/15/2003Texas H.B. 374 Moving through Senate - Calls Still Needed
5/15/2003Texas H.B. 944 In Senate - Calls Needed
5/15/2003No more calls needed for H.B. 1752.
5/13/2003Texas--Child Welfare Reform Bill Stalled, Your Calls Needed
4/30/2003Texas--Announcing the 19th Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
4/24/2003Texas--Homeschoolers Defeat Registration Bill
4/23/2003Texas--CPS Reform Bill in Danger, Need Calls Immediately
4/22/2003Texas--Amended Homeschool College Admissions Bill Passes House
4/14/2003Texas--Help Preserve Parents' Rights to Discipline Their Children
4/4/2003Texas--Equal Access Bill May Damage Homeschool Freedom
4/2/2003Texas--Hearing Tomorrow on Child Protective Services Reform Bill
3/27/2003Texas--Update on College Discrimination Bill
3/26/2003Texas--Your Calls Needed to End College Admission Discrimination
3/11/2003Texas--Legislative Update: Partial Victory in Homeschool Registration Battle
3/6/2003Texas--More Calls Needed to Defeat Bill to Regulate Homeschoolers
2/28/2003Texas--Bill Would Require Registration of Homeschoolers
2/3/2003Texas--Lowering Compulsory School Attendance Age
1/24/2003Texas--More Legal and Legislative Deveopments
1/17/2003Texas--More Truancy Cases Filed Against Homeschoolers
1/10/2003Texas Legislature Opens for 2003 Session