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HSLDA Alerts & Information (TN)

6/2/2004Tennessee--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
5/5/2004Tennessee--Announcing the 2004 MHEA Teaching Enrichment Weekend
4/21/2004Tennessee--Announcing the 2004 MTHEA Curriculum Fair
3/12/2004Tennessee--Testing of Homeschoolers
3/3/2004Tennessee--Victory for Homeschool Freedom - Testing Bill Withdrawn!
3/1/2004Tennessee--Subcommittee Hearing on Homeschool Testing Bill Cancelled
2/26/2004Tennessee--Hearing on Homeschool Testing Bill--Calls Needed Immediately!
1/23/2004Tennessee--Update on Mandatory State Testing of all Homeschool High School Students, More Calls Needed!
1/21/2004Tennessee--Mandatory State Testing of all Homeschool High School Students Threatened, Calls Needed!