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10/23/2007Oregon: Radio Broadcast Spotlights HSLDA Chairman's New Book
7/24/2007Oregon--Testing Deadline Approaching
7/6/2007Oregon: Wrap up--Freedom Safe after Legislature Closes
6/18/2007Oregon: Calls Needed on Compulsory Attendance Bill
6/15/2007Oregon: Update on Compulsory Attendance Bill
6/6/2007Oregon: Urgent--Calls Needed to Prevent Mandatory School for 6-Year-Olds
5/17/2007Oregon--Calls Urgently Needed to Stop Lowering School Attendance Age
5/9/2007Oregon: Calls Needed to Oppose Expanded Control Over Children
5/2/2007Oregon: Calls Needed to Defeat Bill That Lowers School Age to 6
4/30/2007Oregon: Calls Needed on Bill That Lowers School Age to 6
4/26/2007Oregon--Apple Pie Day
4/24/2007Oregon: Update on Home Education Freedom Bill
4/16/2007Oregon--Your Action Needed on Favorable Homeschool Bill!
4/3/2007Oregon: Urgent--Two-Pronged Attack on Homeschooling. Calls Needed!
3/15/2007Oregon--Your Voice Crucial in Preserving Traditional Family!
3/12/2007Oregon: Bad Bills to Watch!
2/9/2007Oregon: Update on Bill That Lowers School Age to 6
2/5/2007Oregon--More Calls Needed on Bill That Lowers School Age to 6
1/29/2007Oregon--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Reporting for 6-year-olds!