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HSLDA Alerts & Information (OH)

12/1/2010Ohio: Homeschool Pioneer Goes Home
10/14/2010Ohio--Update: H.B. 371 Not Moving Yet
7/1/2010Ohio--Action Needed to Oppose Reynoldsburg Daytime Curfew
6/11/2010Ohio--Action Needed to Oppose Reynoldsburg Daytime Curfew
5/12/2010Ohio--Visit HSLDA at the 26th Annual CHEO Convention
5/5/2010Ohio: Update on HB 371--Bad Bill Slows Down But Still a Threat
4/9/2010Ohio--Visit HSLDA at the 6th Annual Dayton Catholic Homeschool Conference!
2/16/2010Ohio--Online Seminar with Important Information!
2/9/2010Ohio: Hearing Cancelled -- Continue to Call
2/8/2010Ohio--Calls Needed to Prevent Unreasonable Government Interference