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HSLDA Alerts & Information (NY)

11/10/2003New York--Calls Needed To The NY Board Of Regents To Stop Homeschool Discrimination
6/30/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Carried Over to Next Year
6/16/2003New York--3 Days Left to Call on Homeschool Freedom Bill
6/6/2003New York--State College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers; Calls Needed
6/5/2003New York--June 1-7 Declared Home Education Week
6/4/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate; Calls Needed to Assembly
5/30/2003New York--Announcing the 19th Annual LEAH Home and Family Conference
5/19/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Stalled in Committee
4/28/2003New York--Homeschool Rally Tomorrow!
4/25/2003New York--Announcing the 2003 NYS LEAH Long Island Convention
4/17/2003New York--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate Committee, More Calls Needed
3/21/2003New York--Calls Urgently Needed on Homeschool Freedom Bill
2/27/2003New York--Favorable Revisions to Homeschool Law
2/26/2003New York--State College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers