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HSLDA Alerts & Information (NH)

11/27/2012New Hampshire: Please call Senator Ayotte and urge her to oppose UN Disabilities
9/13/2012Call Senator Ayotte!
8/8/2012Reminder: New Hampshire's New Homeschool Law Webinar!
7/16/2012Homeschool Opponents Push back against New Law
6/27/2012Updated Legal Summary for New Hampshire and FAQ on New Homeschool Laws
6/18/2012New Hampshire--New Law, New Freedom
5/2/2012Homeschool Freedom Hearing FRIDAY!
4/23/2012Senate Kills HB 1440
4/16/2012Homeschool Freedom Hearing Tomorrow!
4/16/2012Senate Set to Stiff-Arm Homeschoolers?
4/11/2012Take Action: Homeschool Freedom Hearing!
4/4/2012Reminder: Attend Driver's Ed Bill Hearing Tomorrow
3/30/2012Driver's Ed Bill Needs Your Help!
3/27/2012New Hampshire Senator: Parents ... Unqualified and Untrustworthy?
3/20/2012Victory: HB 1440 Passes with GOOD Amendment
3/1/2012Save $Thousands AND Advance Freedom--Take Action Today!
2/17/2012ACTION NEEDED: Homeschooling is Good for ALL!
2/16/2012Action NEEDED to Defeat Bad Amendment!
2/6/2012New Hampshire: Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/3/2012VICTORY--HB 1571 Passes 17-0
2/1/2012Take Action NOW to Defend Homeschool Freedom
1/30/2012Take Action: Online Driver's Education Needs Your Support!
1/24/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Freedom
1/20/2012Hearing Rescheduled for House Bill 1382
1/19/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Homeschool Freedom
1/18/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Freedom
1/12/2012Freedom Alert: Let Freedom Reign--Victory for Homeschooling Freedom!