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10/30/2006HSLDA--Your Vote Crucial in Preserving Homeschool Freedom
8/31/2006New Hampshire--Notice of Intent Reminder
5/12/2006New Hampshire--Calls needed to strengthen parental rights
5/5/2006New Hampshire--Compulsory Age Expansion Blocked
4/7/2006New Hampshire--Calls Needed To Stop Compulsory Age Increase to 18
3/30/2006New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Stop Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/22/2006New Hampshire--Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire Convention
3/21/2006New Hampshire--Call Now to Stop Increased Control Over Homeschooling
3/17/2006New Hampshire--Governor Lynch Signs Bill Improving Homeschool Law
3/15/2006New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Stop Increase in Attendance Age
3/6/2006New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Stop Compulsory Attendance Age Increase
2/17/2006New Hampshire--Calls Needed: Stop Rise in Compulsory Attendance Age
2/6/2006New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Stop Rise in Compulsory Attendance Age
1/24/2006New Hampshire - No Homeschool Exemption in Senate Bill 268
1/20/2006HSLDA: Calls Needed to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
1/19/2006HSLDA: New Hampshire--Bill Enhancing Homeschool Freedom Heads to Governor
1/12/2006HSLDA: New Hampshire--Crucial Vote Next Week