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8/16/2002Missouri Action Alert--Update on CEDAW
6/25/2002Missouri--Announcing the FHE 2002 State Convention
6/3/2002Missouri--Court Decision Changes Home School Law
5/30/2002Missouri--RFRA Fails to Pass
5/22/2002Missouri--Bill to Increase Compulsory Attendance Age Dies in Senate Committee
5/15/2002Missouri--Update: More Calls Needed on Religious Freedom Bill
5/10/2002Missouri--Urgent Calls Needed To Restore Religious Freedom
5/10/2002Missouri--Urgent: HB 1460 Passes Senate Committee-Calls Needed Monday To All Senators
5/8/2002Missouri--URGENT: Final Hearing Tomorrow on Bill to Increase Compulsory Attendance Age
4/17/2002Missouri--H.B. 1460 Passed by House, Now Before the Senate
4/11/2002Missouri--Update: House Bill 1460 Now Fourth in Line for Action
4/10/2002Missouri--Parental Freedom in Jeopardy, Calls Needed Today
3/28/2002Missouri--Calls and Visits Needed on H.B. 1460 and S.B. 858
3/11/2002Missouri--Legislation Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
3/8/2002HSLDA and Families for Home Education Support Group Seminar coming to Columbia, Missouri