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HSLDA Alerts & Information (MN)

8/18/2009Minnesota: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to Hold Education Event
5/19/2009Minnesota--Homeschool Law Remains Unchanged
5/1/2009Minnesota--Sign-up Now for Informative Online Seminar
4/30/2009Minnesota--Call and Write Now to Support Homeschool Freedom
3/25/2009Minnesota: Legislative Confusion--Some Clarification
3/23/2009Minnesota--MACHE 25th Annual Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair!
3/18/2009Minnesota--Proposal Regarding Tax Credit May Affect Homeschoolers
2/26/2009Minnesota--More Action Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom
2/24/2009Minnesota--Call Now to Support Increased Homeschool Freedom
2/23/2009Minnesota--MACHE 25th Annual Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair!
2/20/2009Minnesota--Attend Capitol Day to Support Reduction in Regulations