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10/29/2003Maine--Phantom Caller Resurfaces
6/20/2003Maine-New Homeschool Law Effective Immediately
6/4/2003Maine--New Commissioner Brings New Attitude
5/20/2003Maine--Governor Signs Homeschool Bill Into Law
5/8/2003Maine--Homeschool Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Legislature
5/2/2003Maine--HSLDA to Argue Sports Case
4/30/2003Maine--Announcing the 2003 HOME Convention
4/9/2003Maine--Sports Access Bill Dead, Hope Alive
4/9/2003Maine--Committee Votes Down Higher Attendance Age
4/1/2003Maine--Vote Expected Friday on Compulsory Age Bill
3/27/2003Maine--Bill to End New Unfair Sports Policy Set for Hearing
2/21/2003Maine--Committee Unanimously Approves LD 160
2/14/2003Maine--Legislation Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age
2/14/2003Maine--Homeschoolers Pack Hearing Room for LD 160
2/7/2003Maine--Legislation Would Eliminate Red Tape For Homeschoolers
2/3/2003Maine--Bill to Create Less Restrictive Homeschool Option Goes To Hearing