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6/14/2010Louisiana: Action Needed--Homeschool Graduate Bill to be Voted on by Full House
6/11/2010HSLDA: Religious Freedom Bill Will be heard in House--Calls Needed
6/7/2010Louisiana: Update--Homeschool Graduate Bill To Be Heard in House Education
5/28/2010HSLDA: J. Michael Smith to speak at National Black Home Educators Conference!
5/21/2010Louisiana: Update--Homeschool Graduate Bill Passes Education Committee
5/13/2010Louisiana: Update--Homeschool Graduate Bill Passes Education Committee
5/12/2010Louisiana: Please Call Now in Support of Homeschool Graduate Bill
5/10/2010Louisiana: Urgent--Please Act Now to Help Pass Parental Rights Resolution
4/29/2010Louisiana: Update--Parental Right Resolution Passes!
4/29/2010Louisiana: Urgent--Act Now to Support Parental Right Resolution
4/7/2010Louisiana: Urgent--Your Action Needed to Support Bill
3/12/2010Louisiana--Visit HSLDA at the CHEF of La. Homeschool Convention!
1/27/2010Louisiana: High School Athletic Association Vote to Allow Access to Sports