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June 2011

6/28/2011Illinois--Belleville Mayor Says Daytime Curfew Will Be Dropped
6/27/2011Illinois--Heads Up for Statewide Daytime Curfew-Truancy Craze
6/24/2011Illinois: Belleville Revision No Improvement
6/22/2011Illinois--100 Assemble to Stop Belleville's Daytime Curfew
6/17/2011Illinois: Boone County Enacts Daytime Curfew-Truancy Ordinance
6/16/2011Illinois: Call Now to Oppose Belleville Daytime Curfew Ordinance
6/14/2011Illinois: Help Stop Daytime Curfew in Boone County Tomorrow
6/13/2011Illinois: Boone County Showdown on Wednesday
6/9/2011Illinois--Oppose Curfew, Truancy Ordinance at Hearing June 15
6/1/2011Illinois: Revised Boone County Ordinance Deserves Swift Defeat